Tuesday, November 24, 2015

James Diaz Brings Ferris Wheels, Thunderstorm Sex, Warehouse Eyes, and A Rust of Wounds

Toilet Romance

past the hills steel gray
ferris wheel
time when I was imbued with numb infinity
counting cars

since nowhere is still nowhere
I draw a map for you
consisting of my skin
and a collection of scars
this road is warped
I have dreamed of anatomy changing

nothing and no one
I am strapped to a bullet
pulled through a straw
into the record you keep
of time
and it's sleepy spiders
who love me like a god.

Tacky Stockings

one is for the strive
a person places
like bee stings
on horizon's cup

empty barricades
tooth alley
and I hate my streets
this urban over brick over ruined faces of devastated mornings

come through me
each parable
a burning turn
ferris wheels and thunderstorm sex in the back seat
I was pulled from Brooklyn
into New Jersey at 5 a. m.
blitzed out interstate
wrapped around stars
come to the point

I can't realize truth
from the distorted
where time keeps building it's rust of wounds
to hound me down
for all of my artificial kisses.

Suicide As Travel

My death is like dark water
it toys with breaking points
asleep in the head
roach of severed dreams
I ahem in my suicide
always after
and flatter than a road
every lung is tied
to lampposts with cameras in their bones
dry and tired in the socket
where oceans grind their cocks
in a song
I licked
when I was sick
and radioactive
a bad omen
a month of pain
with warehouse eyes
life is good
when I'm stuffed in a car
with a candle light tail
that sheds its skin and shame
as it shoots for the most distant star
a bone in the asshole
which throws a fit
and is terrified of corners
where the staff can rape you
and eat your shoe laces
but they can't pin hope across your wrists
which are dying to be split
like the grin of a damaged God
for good
I am done
a tape loop
with busted teeth drinking the wall
the truth is
you are only loved
when your nipples are as cold as gold
sleeping dog
for I am really ignorant
and know only how to do this one thing.

Bio: James Diaz lives in New York where he is currently trying to figure shit out. Other writings of his can be found in Cheap Pop Lit, Ditch, Pismire, Collective Exile and The Idiom.

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