Friday, November 7, 2014

Holly Holt and the Abominable Seasons

how rain laughs

has autumn rain
ever devoured them,
these pestilent halfwits,
who gaze with a city craze
across mountains
quilted in pine?

have they ever felt
a chill nibble their nerves,
ovationed by bumps
along their skin,
pale from living
in a conditioned summer?

people irritate me
whose lives coincide
with faded paper;

people irritate me
who cannot fathom
how rain laughs

ne’er-do-well thought

glitter in the mind,
ne’er-do-well thought,
saunter through a summer
pouring with petunia laments
& catch my falling conscience
in a jaded tendril of grass
between thumb and forefinger,
twisting backwards and forwards
unlike time, whose one-way-street
steals strings from my violin heart
ill-equipped on evenings
of symphonic sorrow

glitter, glitter—
my hours know only
their passing

the moon

the moon doesn’t know Hiroshima,
mushroom cloud rooted in death
and cries still vibrating
through a blueberry’s wilting core;

the moon doesn’t know poverty,
on propaganda-littered street corners
where a politician’s golden lies
fades into gutter-worn truth;

the moon only knows silence,
how celestial nothing spans eons,
while a species, longing for life,

leaves footprints for weeping stars

Since August of 2013, H. Holt has been published by various magazines and blogs. She has recently been accepted by Negative Capability Press, who will be including her in their Anthology of Georgia Poetry in 2015. She lives in the luscious mountains of North Georgia, where she spends her time helping students achieve their dreams of higher education.

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