Friday, January 30, 2015

Sally Mcrae--Sapphic Purveyor of Intrabeauty

No matter.
(All bets are off.)

I caught a glimpse of the future and you were expunged.
(Why is that?)
I was alarmed to find that you weren't there,
in the book of us.

Being knowing in the present sent me to the past.
The lights were off, a door was ajar and love had leaked out.
Who was last to leave?

Voile fluttered in the drafty corridor.
In the lab seedlings grew;
a few so well that they raised the roof.
Light streamed in.
Would it lead me back to you, to now?

Hillary's ascent was slicker
but he had Tenzing
and Kendal Mint Cake.
I just had an unconscionable thirst, unshakable faith
and light-dancing feet.

Pausing at a dizzying height,
to admire the view, assess my progress,
caused the whole lot to telescope back in.
Sending me hurtling through quasars,
reaching for
floating hands,
which no longer held wisdom —
clearly a silly construct, after all.
You weren’t There.

There, there, dear.
Always safe, Here.
Here, I AM.


It is often a vacuum.
And they are wrong.
attracted by reflective ribbon.
Seeing only the millennial dust,
missing the abiding intrabeauty —
beyond Them & Us. 

A link to a video poem, PONTIFEX, by Sally:

Sally McRae originally hails from England and is presently living in Atlanta, USA. Having run wild across the globe (under the radar) for years, she has many interesting experiences to draw on for her poetry and prose writing; she’s played with royalty and sat with sages —perception is her constant toy. A former actress, television presenter, director, producer and executive producer of video and live events; she now enjoys a most interesting and diverse array of roles; mother, writer, yoga teacher, reflexologist, mentor, and creative director at One Creative Choice. Wit is her sword and savior, keeping her fully grounded in reality. Her simple, narrative poetry has a musicality and sincerity that reaches deep; it dances with duality and humor — an appropriate reflection of the author. Sally is currently working with the theme of love – in all its forms – and thinks that the ancient Greeks were onto a thing or two…

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