Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vernon Frazer Musters the Human Volcano for Nodal Conflict Amidst the Doggerel With No Stegosaurus Left

Beautiful Music Outplayed

a desperation mattress 
caught in ballad’s hot pursuit 

a madness                 
at the mural heads roll
       the pass                    over

advancing matter, energy the former
  heroic in transforming the thought
          word    as       deeded
  decodes receded residue

    the nodal lunge
     entreaty                 dabs  
     spotters      trained

in the code of the crabgrass murder

no window scene flayed
when the brutal shadow 
displayed a frontal edge

the pitch tuned 
 to ears 
      out of hearing

Afterbirth Control

spontaneous comprehension 
stripteases yachts in the monastery

banjo factory a live augment
     at the margin

       everything moves to guillotine   
       the multidimensional continuity breakthrough

mandarin lore: 
     instrumental muster for the human volcano

mileage candor
  resuscitates past hammering

and chaotic scorpions thatch
random convection projectiles
          chameleon linearity currents

     exquisite magnet quarrels
     magenta doggerel drooled 

      on the painter

lark polarity the hobble

                     in the first placenta

Secret’s Exhibition

portfolios its intimate 

a slow burlesque 
brings ancient breath
to runic emblems

no stegosaurus left to run its doublethink

before the rubicon 
challenge bolding its nightline thrust 

   timid  murmur faced
reduction its own hearing breath
  plate     shattered                     clatter

the aging who shift to the right
their windbreakers catching the current
of past
   emissions galore

at the reduction platter
    where serpent invaders

inured to the past
reclamation haunt

its vague suspenders float adrift
direction a suspension of leisure
pulling the emblem camp legend

underscoring the mileage debacle

patron saints
lifted after scorning their meat

when undue particles climb
the slated dimension cluster
to demean the hated tissue

a fibrous entourage
sneaks the slow wipe
encore a tentacle spread

ensures a plated glossary
         its undue weight of water

before the plastic surges hit
the freehand holding templar
mysteries along the great ruin

charges the line’s horizon

to the face of its darkest ledge

Vernon Frazer’s most recent books of poetry include Selected IMPROVISATIONS, ANCHOR WHAT and Definitions of Obscurity, a collaborative work with Michelle Greenblatt. Frazer’s web site is http://www.vernonfrazer.net. Bellicose Warbling, the blog that updates his web page, can be read at http://bellicosewarbling.blogspot.com/His work, including the entire longpoem IMPROVISATIONS,may also be viewed at Scribd.com. In addition to writing poetry and fiction, Frazer also performs his poetry, incorporating text and recitation with animation and musical accompaniment on YouTube. Frazer is married. 

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