Friday, September 23, 2016

Bart Solarczyk Waiting For the Man, Passing the Five Day Intervals, and the Detritus of Stars

Some Saturday Haiku

Parked in the Target lot
sixty years old
waiting for the weed man


Puffs of morning green
the fog lifts
my path now clear


Fish thaw in fountain pool
dog & I
watch through thin ice


Roxy runs with half a whiffle ball
then drops it
to sniff a neighbor's ass

Another Five Days Gone

Shuffling through the weekend
he knows love
a woman feeds him

he drinks beer
& walks the dog
& talks back to his TV

a puff of smoke
a poem or two
a stone in his soft chair

another five days gone
done is done
let's not talk about it.

Why Ask Why

when we both know
dust to dust

once stars
now this

accept it.

Bart Solarczyk lives in Pittsburgh, PA. His newest chapbook, Right Direction, is scheduled for release this fall courtesy of Lilliput Review's Modest Proposal series. He is the author of eight previous chapbooks.